iReal Pro 6


It was nearly one year ago, that I announced with much excitement (and fancy, techy, blue & black sleekness) the arrival of iReal Pro into the world.  Today, I reflect back on the 6 years since I started the fledgling iReal Book and its growth and transformation into iReal b and now, iReal Pro dear user that you are hopefully enjoying and expanding your musical life with. What an amazing journey that I can honestly say has been the most difficult as well as fulfilling adventure. I have learned so much and come into contact with many great people - every one, a teacher, an inspiration or simply, much appreciated encouragement (this includes all you guys out there!).

So, one year ago we dropped iReal Pro on you and promptly retreated into the Technimo labs to keep nerding out and tinkering on new features.  Here's the upshot -

We've decided to continue another year without subjecting existing users to a paid update and to also give you a bunch of free new stuff - because that's just the kind of people we are (plus my girlfriend said it was a good idea).

iReal Pro now comes with all existing styles and chord diagrams included for free.

A number of new sampled instruments have been added so you can customize the playback styles.

A long list of smaller improvements that I'm sure you'll enjoy - see the complete list in the app release notes in the app store or when updating the app.

There are 12 new jazz styles that are available as in-app purchases including:

  • a guitar trio style featuring some really cool comping on a 1965 Harmony Rocket
  • a trad jazz style with tuba and banjo
  • some new swing styles with all new bass lines and piano comping and an awesome sampled Old K cymbal sound
  • a couple of new contemporary sounding even 8ths and 16th styles
  • some fun New Orleans styles
  • and more...

Head over into the new version or iReal Pro to hear some samples of the new style in the store section.

We are by no means done...we are in the middle of a few other devlopements.  For instance, I am working on brand new Pop and Latin styles. Mojitos may be involved... And, for those of you with iReal Pro installed on multiple devices, we've heard your requests (all of them!) and are working on cloud synching - it's quite a monumental task so please be patient and WATCH THIS SPACE!

As always, please send us your feedback - we can't improve this app without you. Thank you from the whole team here at Technimo.


Keep it iReal!

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