The one about the loaner bass

These days, we upright bass players, for the most part, are forced to travel out of town without our instruments and instead, grapple with a bass du jour at every club and festival.  Whilst things have improved in the last few years, these borrowed instruments still average on lackluster quality with unfamiliar and often, belwildering set-ups (strings, action, pickup…). In the spirit of positivity… Continue reading

Recording with Lionel Loueke

In early December 2014 I spent two amazing days in the studio recording Lionel Loueke‘s new trio album for Blue Note with Ferenc Nemeth on drums and produced by Don Was. Ferenc, Lionel and I have known each other and played together for 15 years, so what better way to celebrate than to go in the… Continue reading


I’m very happy to introduce Persona, my debut recording for Obliqsound.  It was a wonderful experience and an honor to record with these incredible musicans. For this project I wrote 10 songs that are divided in two parts on the recording. The first part, Motion contains the more energetic pieces, with the second half comprising the more gentle and nocturne… Continue reading

iReal Pro 6

It was nearly one year ago, that I announced with much excitement (and fancy, techy, blue & black sleekness) the arrival of iReal Pro into the world.  Today, I reflect back on the 6 years since I started the fledgling iReal Book and its growth and transformation into iReal b and now, iReal Pro dear user that… Continue reading

iReal b has gone Pro!

I’m bursting with excitement to introduce the brand spanking new iReal Pro – which current users can download for free! We’ve spent nine long months completely redesigning our app. Now it’s easier to use and overloaded with new features. iReal Pro is a sleek, faster, and more comprehensive way for musicians of all levels to… Continue reading


After more than a year of work in collaboration with long time band-mate West African guitarist Lionel Loueke, we have completed the iPhone/iPad app, GuitAfrica which is now avaialble in the the App Store! Let Lionel teach you African guitar and music!

And then there was iReal b

Exactly 4 years have passed since I first released what was then called, iReal Book for the iPhone. In 2008 the iPhone app frenzy was in full bloom.  As a jazz bass player who had always been intrigued with technology, I was trying to cram PDFs of the Real Books on the little screen of… Continue reading

Drum School

Drum School is a brand new app for iOS and OS X that I made in collaboration with longtime friend and band-mate Ferenc Nemeth. Many sleepless nights spent in front of the glowing screen went into this so I’m very happy to announce that it’s now available in the App Store.

Lionel Loueke – Mwaliko

For his second Blue Note recording Lionel Loueke decided to do an album of duo and trio recordings. Mwaliko is an ‘invitation’ (literally, in Swahili) to both his collaborating musicians (there are six) and to listeners. I’m very happy to be part of this project and proud to also have one of my compositions – Shazoo – featured. Preview… Continue reading

2009 Independent Music Award

HURRAY!!! Persona was declared Best Jazz Album in this year’s Independent Music Award (Vox Populi Winner). A gigantic thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who voted for me.

iReal Book

I mostly play original music these days, so when I’m back in town between tours and get called to do a standards jazz gig, I find myself at times struggling to remember the changes to some of the more obscure tunes.  What if I could get a quick glance at a chart to refresh my memory on that… Continue reading

Gilfema + 2

I’m pleased to announce that Gilfema’s new Obliqsound album, Gilfema + 2 is now in stores.  Featuring original compostitions by the trio, Lionel Loueke (guitar/voice), Ferenc Nemeth (drums) and Massimo Biolcati (bass), in addition to the beautiful sounds of John Ellis (bass clarinet/ocarina) and Anat Cohen (clarinet). Preview and purchase the music on iTunes and bandcamp Lionel Loueke – guitar and voice Massimo Biolcati – bass Ferenc Nemeth – drums with… Continue reading